Companies for Ages 7-10

Dance Arts Studio company for this age is called “Dazzle”. There are two levels of commitment for this group.

Both groups will perform in community events, but only the performing company will participate in a local dance competition in the Spring.

All Dazzle Members

During our Summer Season, students must complete:

  • A 2 Week Summer Dance Workshop Intensive and
  • A minimum of 12 classes during our 4 week Summer Class Session including:
    • Dazzle Choreography Class
    • Ballet
    • Jazz

During our 10 month Fall Season (follows the school year), students must take:

  • Dazzle Choreography Class
  • Ballet
  • Jazz
    • Any additional classes taken are billed at a discounted rate

 Performances include:

  • Broomfield Days Parade & Stage performance
  • Extra dance for either opening or closing in the Holiday Showcase
  • Extra dance for either opening or closing in the Spring Recital
  • Community performances
  • ****One Dance Competition in the Spring

**** Competition is only available for Dancers who chose to be a Performing Member of the group.