Latest News!

August 20th – Fall Session Begins!

September 3rd –  No Classes due to Labor Day

September 15th –  DAS in Broomfield Days Parade at 9am and on stage from 1-1:30 pm!

September 20th –  Miss. Stephanie in Dancing with the Broomfield Stars at Firstbank Center at 7pm!

November 19-23rd  – No Classes due to Thanksgiving Break

November 26th – Classes resume after Thanksgiving Break

December 20th – Holiday Showcase – Scrooge at The Broomfield Auditorium

December 24th – January 6th – No Classes due to Holiday Break

January 7th – Classes resume after Holiday Break

March 25–29th – No Classes due to Spring Break  

April 1st – Classes resume after Spring Break

May 27th – No Classes due to Memorial Day

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