Class Descriptions

Dance Arts Studio believes that ballet is the core of all dance. It provides opportunities to develop grace, poise, fitness, self confidence, good posture, balance, coordination, stability in body alignment, self discipline, self expression, technique, musicality, and improves fine and gross motor skills and spacial reasoning.

Below is a description of progression through our ballet program. Students must properly execute the required skills at each level to advance to the next level. We will place your child in the level of ballet which we feel is the best fit, taking into consideration class size and availability.

Rhythm & Movement (age 3) and Creative Movement (ages 4-5):

These classes are designed to introduce basic ballet skills and movement to music. Develops physical skills such as gross motor skills, strength, balance and flexibility. Enhances social skills such as taking turns and following directions. These classes introduce your child to the joy and creativity in music and dance.


An artistic dance form performed to music using precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures. Characterized by light, graceful and fluid movements. The class progression through our Ballet program is as follows:

  • Primary Ballet
  • Ballet I
  • Ballet II
  • Ballet III
  • Ballet IV
  • Ballet V
  • Ballet VI
  • Intermediate Ballet Technique
  • Advanced Ballet Technique


  • Pre Pointe
  • Intermediate Pointe
  • Advanced Pointe

Students will be placed on pointe after completing our pre-pointe program and being individually assessed by the instructor and/or director. This placement is at the discretion of the instructor and director. Dancers must be accomplished in ballet and show a consistent level of technique and strength before they will be allowed to dance on pointe shoes.

Turns, Leaps & Extensions:

This class is designed to enhance technical skills and flexibility related to more physical movement. Progression through our TLE program is as follows:

  • Intermediate Turns, Leaps & Extensions
  • Advanced Turns, Leaps & Extensions


Tap is a rhythmic style of dance, teaching students precise movement to the beat of the music. Students can begin Tap at age 6. Progression through our Tap program is as follows:

  • Beginning Tap
  • Tap II
  • Tap III
  • Tap IV
  • Intermediate Tap
  • Advanced Tap


Jazz is a ballet based form of dance. Music is generally more upbeat than ballet and movement is more stylistic and expressive. Students can begin Jazz at age 10. Progression through our Jazz program is as follows:

  • Beginning Jazz
  • Jazz II
  • Jazz III
  • Jazz IV
  • Intermediate Jazz
  • Advanced Jazz


This ballet-based style of dance uses movement to interpret the lyrics and emotions of music. Students work on dance expression, body alignment and fluidity. Students may begin Modern/Lyrical at age 10. Progression through our Modern/Lyrical program is as follows:

  • Beginning Modern/Lyrical
  • Modern/Lyrical II
  • Modern/Lyrical III
  • Modern/Lyrical IV
  • Intermediate Modern/Lyrical
  • Advanced Modern/Lyrical

Hip Hop:

Hip Hop is a style of dance involving flexibility and isolations (moving a certain body part independently from others). A very rhythmic style of dance with emphasis placed on musicality and being able to freestyle or improvise. Helps in the building and maintenance of balance, stamina and strength. Students may begin Hip Hop at age 7. Progression through our Hip Hop program is as follows:

  • Beginning Hip Hop
  • Hip Hop II
  • Hip Hop III
  • Hip Hop IV
  • Intermediate Hip Hop
  • Advanced Hip Hop